Carbon Canyon The Movie Los Angeles Premiere at Royal Laemmle

Carbon Canyon Los Angeles Premiere was held on Thursday May 19, 2016  at Royal Laemmle Theatre 11523 Santa Monica Blvd, 7:00 P.M. Showing.   The Indie film was directed by Scott Gillen and written by Ash Adams and Scott Gillen.   Carbon Canyon is a voyeuristic peek into the world of one man’s reality as an LA (Carbon Canyon to be exact) based shrink.

Carbon Canyon Q & A Session at Royal Laemmle
Carbon Canyon Q & A Session at Royal Laemmle

Working with cinematographer Joe Grasso, first-time film director Scott Gillen (Scott’s body of work in the commercial world is spectacular) takes us on a sometimes scary, sometimes amusing journey as his clientele (not patients, it’s all about the invoicing for this doctor) pour their hearts out to his “I’m just bored” brand of therapy.

Director Scott Gillen
Director Scott Gillen

The lead actors and supporting cast are excellent. We look forward to seeing Carbon Canyon in a plethora of Film Festivals beginning with the upcoming Toronto Film Festival.
Congratulations and Kudos one and all. Making an indie film like this is no small task.  The post screening afterparty was held at Hillstone Restaurant in Santa Monica, CA.
Credits: Ash Adams, Producer; Scott Gillen, Executive Producer/Producer; Roger M. Mayer, producer; Joe Grasso Cinematographer; Phil Norden, Editor.
Cast: Bill Sage as Bern Loris, Ash Adams as Bobby Adams, Don Harvey as Dr. Miles Cooper, Jesse Garcia as Jesse Perez, Sienna Farall as Jill Burns, Pamela Gray as Tara Loris, Marlon Young as Tom Lucas, Sofia Mali as Ashley Loris. Photos courtesy